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A White Wedding Sunshine Coast



                                                    FIRST CONTACT - TELEPHONE OR EMAIL.

                                             We discuss your Wedding Day ideas and chosen package.                                                                                                            Click   Services & Fees. 

                                                    INITIAL APPOINTMENT IS COMPLEMENTARY

                                                             Meet with Tina at a suitable chosen location.  

                       This is the time to ask her questions, and get to know each other, obligation free.

                                       We will discuss the Notice of Intended Marriage. N.O.I.M.

               When you have chosen Tina to Officiate at your Wedding, 

I reserve your date and time which is secure. 

                                                        I send you a Wedding Information pack.  

                    Step by Step I assist  you with the process of planing your Wedding Ceremony.



               The number of appointments we have, depends on how we work through the process.

                                   I will assist you to fill out all necessary Legal Documentation.

                                  If you have chosen the Elopement or Silver Package, 2 appointments plus Rehearsal.

                          If you have chosen to build a Unique Wedding Ceremony with the Gold package                                                                                  or want to include your own vows, reading and more,                                                                                              we will discuss your plans, 3 appointments plus Rehearsal may be necessary.  

                                           I will offer you a Ceremony Guide for you to use as a template                                                                                    to create your fabulous Order of Service with your ideas in mind.                                                                I have resources which will help you find interesting inclusions into your Wedding Day.


                             At these Appointments, we Complete all documents.  Including Programs.

   I will have formatted, edited and composed your Wedding Ceremony via exchanging emails and telephone calls.

        This is a good time for you both to clarify any changes you wish to include or remove from your Ceremony.

                   At the appointments make sure I am aware and understand your expectations in regards to,                                                                        how you visualise your Ceremony to look like by others.                                                                 It is your wedding day, express to me exactly what you want and how you want things to run,                                                                             especially if there are unusual circumstances                                                                            (arriving by helicopter, ushering people into certain areas, special announcements etc)                                                                                       which are to be considered on my part.

                                             If all is in order, a Wedding Rehearsal Date will be set.



                                                                    WEDDING REHEARSAL

                                      A Wedding Rehearsal is exciting and an important appointment. 

      Identification Documents that have not yet been previously presented, must be sighted at this appointment.

            Time to Relax and enjoy unravelling your ceremony as it will take place on your Wedding day                                                                     and making any last minute changes if necessary.

 Invite members of the wedding party or family who are involved in the Wedding Ceremony to practice their parts.

                  (Bride Maids, Grooms Men, Flower girls, Ring bearers, person giving bride away,                                                                   anyone who is playing a significant role in your Wedding Ceremony.                                                                                      It is time to have fun running through the Order of Service.

                          If you have chosen a ritual, this is the time for those involved to participate.

           It is important you are satisfied with every aspect of your Wedding Ceremony before we sign off on it.

                                 Congratulation, the next time we meet will be on your Wedding Day.